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Executive Insights

All Things Secured: January Newsletter

Threat Runner Releases New Ryuk Ransomware Simulation "HORNE Cyber recently announced a major update to Threat Runner.Specifically, the team of reverse-engineering practitioners and software developers responsible for Threat Runner has added... Continue reading

Attack Surface

Denial and Disruption: Potential Iranian Retaliation

Drone Strike Prompts Vow of Retaliation from Iran On January 3rd, a targeted drone strike by the U.S. killed Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Iranian Quds Force responsible for... Continue reading

Cyber Assurance Insights

NIST’s Privacy Framework: An Enterprise-Wide Approach to Protecting Individual Privacy

Framework Overview In January, NIST launched version 1.0 of its Privacy Framework - a voluntary tool to help companies identify and manage their products and services while protecting their customers’... Continue reading