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Cybersecurity for Healthcare

You Focus on Your Patients. We Protect Your Operations.

With high stakes and large amounts of sensitive data, healthcare organizations serve as a top target for cyber attacks. As targeted ransomware campaigns and third-party vendor attacks continue to increase in number, healthcare providers must place a heavy emphasis on developing and maintaining a strong cybersecurity program.

Leveraging Cybersecurity to go Beyond Compliance

As cyber threats continue to scale in sophistication and number, healthcare organizations must depart from a compliance-focused mindset and adopt a comprehensive security program. We have seen this approach taking shape within our healthcare clients, many of whom have begun conducting offensive security testing in addition to risk assessments and have implemented network monitoring to catch attacks in real-time.

How HORNE Cyber Can Help

HORNE Cyber has experience with healthcare organizations of all sizes, from private practices to major public hospitals. For years, we have partnered with our clients to support and equip them to make wise and secure business decisions, helping them secure their patient data and protect their operations and reputation. With expertise, experience, and deep knowledge of the industry, HORNE Cyber can elevate your healthcare organization beyond compliance to leverage cybersecurity and cyber assurance to achieve your strategic goals and better serve and protect your patients.

HORNE Cyber can help your healthcare organization:

  • Assess security posture and identify critical vulnerabilities
  • Strengthen security and better protect client data through remediation of identified vulnerabilities
  • Exceed audit and compliance requirements
  • Identify security alerts in real time
  • Improve visibility and effectiveness of controls

HIPAA Compliance Services

HIPAA Risk Assessment

HIPAA risk assessments are an integral part of a holistic HIPAA compliance program. HIPAA risk assessments remove the guesswork from HIPAA compliance by identifying potential risks, gaps, and vulnerabilities in your control environment that could compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information (PHI) and electronic protected health information (e-PHI) held by your organization.

HIPAA risk assessments are required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights.

HIPAA Compliance Gap Analysis

Through a detailed analysis of all relevant HIPAA requirements for the Privacy and Security rules, a HIPAA Compliance Gap Analysis identifies policy gaps and areas where improvements can be made in your environment. HORNE Cyber’s remediation roadmap guides your organization towards closing the identified gaps, putting you in control of your security and HIPAA compliance.

Advanced Penetration Testing

Advanced penetration testing is the best way to identify the hidden vulnerabilities that threaten the privacy of your patients and the security of your organization. By manually emulating the aggressive actions of true attackers, advanced penetration testing goes beyond compliance-accepted common vulnerability scans that identify publicly-known vulnerabilities to find, exploit, and leverage organization-specific vulnerabilities to gain access and determine the impact of that access on your healthcare organization.

Advanced Application Penetration Testing & Source Code Review

More than 80 percent of cyber attacks happen at the application level, compromising an organization’s confidentiality and integrity. Our advanced vulnerability identification and analysis methodology allows our team to uncover new zero-day vulnerabilities in internal or custom-developed applications.

Due to the development of new software, IoT devices pose a huge risk to a healthcare organization’s security. Informed by access to the source code, our team attempts to identify vulnerabilities in software and hardware that would all an attacker to move through an application and compromise other systems. The goal of this analysis is to test the resilience of your application given exploitation of a known vulnerability.

Managed Threat Hunting (Cybersecurity Operations Center)

HORNE Cyber’s cybersecurity operations center (CSOC) provides your healthcare organization with 24x7x365 situational security awareness through round-the-clock network monitoring and threat intelligence. Managed Threat Hunting removes the burden of sifting through a magnitude of false positives allowing your IT team to focus their efforts on daily operations of your organization. Identifying cyber attacks in real time also helps your organization avoid additional penalties/fines by potentially limiting the impact of a breach.