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Cybersecurity for Professional Services

Protecting Yourself is Protecting Your Clients

As a provider of professional services, your organization acquires and stores a vast amount of confidential client data - potentially worth millions of dollars to attackers. In today’s business environment, cybersecurity is critical to maintaining daily operations and protecting your reputation and clients’ private information – examples of catastrophic breaches include Equifax and the “Panama Papers.” The responsibility of protecting your clients’ privacy through confidentiality, integrity, and security bears a lot of weight. With the rise of sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks, organizations must be willing to go above and beyond the standard compliance requirements to protect themselves and their clients.

How HORNE Cyber Can Help

At HORNE Cyber, our goal is to provide organizations with the knowledge necessary to remediate their specific vulnerabilities which strengthens their security posture and supports their trustworthiness with clients and business partners. Through our advanced penetration testing, managed threat hunting, SOC suite of services, and cybersecurity due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, HORNE Cyber can help your professional services organization:

  • Assess security posture and identify critical, organization-specific vulnerabilities
  • Strengthen security through remediation of identified vulnerabilities
  • Identify security alerts in real time
  • Make wise decisions for strategic growth and market expansion
  • Promote transparency, accountability, and focus to stakeholders and Board members

Advanced Penetration Testing   

Advanced penetration testing is the best way to identify the vulnerabilities hidden within your network that threaten the privacy of your clients and the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your organization. By manually emulating the aggressive actions of true attackers, advanced penetration testing goes beyond compliance-accepted vulnerability scans - which strictly identify publicly-known vulnerabilities - to find, exploit, and leverage organization-specific vulnerabilities to gain access and determine the impact of that access on your professional services organization. With recommendations for remediation based on our team’s findings, your organization can take control of your security and better protect against today’s leading threats.

Managed Threat Hunting (Cybersecurity Operations Center)

HORNE Cyber’s cybersecurity operations center (CSOC) provides your professional services organization with 24x7x365 situational security awareness through round-the-clock network monitoring and threat intelligence. Managed Threat Hunting removes the burden of sifting through a magnitude of false positives allowing your IT team to focus their efforts on the daily operations of your organization. Identifying cyberattacks in real time helps your organization avoid additional penalties/fines by potentially limiting the impact of a breach.

SOC Suite of Services

Organizations in today’s connected business ecosystem outsource critical business processes and engage with third-party vendors in their daily operations. During vendor due-diligence, information security is a critical component in the decision-making process. System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports are now part of the “cost of admission” for business growth, as they communicate the effectiveness of your professional services organization’s controls to your clients, partners, executives, board members, and other stakeholders.

Cybersecurity for M&A

The rate of mergers and acquisitions is rapidly increasing – with many organizations utilizing M&A for strategic business growth and market expansion. Our team partners with clients to ensure proper cybersecurity due diligence prior to a merger or acquisition, assessing the effectiveness of the acquired security program and equipping you with the knowledge necessary to make wise decisions. Through our cybersecurity due diligence services, your professional services organization will receive a clear and comprehensive understanding of the outstanding risks associated with your investment and how those risks could impact your security posture and appropriately asses the value of the target.