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Cybersecurity for Public and Middle Market

Leveraging Cybersecurity for Strategic Growth

Rapid growth requires organizations to learn quickly and adapt continuously, scaling cybersecurity efforts accordingly to protect assets, trade secrets, and the long-term success of your organization. As your organization grows and your network systems become more complex, developing and implementing a cybersecurity program is critical and becomes more challenging. Whether your organization is in manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, technology and communication, real estate, insurance, or energy, HORNE Cyber’s team of cyber assurance and cybersecurity experts is equipped to partner with your organization to leverage cybersecurity for strategic growth.

How HORNE Cyber Can Help

Rapid growth requires a cybersecurity partner that is experienced and nimble, able to assist your organization in all areas of your security program. At HORNE Cyber, our goal is to partner with organizations on their cyber-resilience journey to provide them with strategic advice and factual reporting to securely move their business forward. HORNE Cyber is here to partner with your organization to achieve its strategic goals by:

  • Assess security posture and identify critical, organization-specific vulnerabilities
  • Strengthen security through remediation assistance and verification of identified vulnerabilities
  • Exceed audit and compliance requirements through a streamlined process
  • Identify security alerts in real time
  • Make wise decisions for strategic growth and market expansion
  • Promote transparency, accountability, and focus to stakeholders and Board members

Cybersecurity for M&A

The rate of mergers and acquisitions is rapidly increasing – with many organizations utilizing M&A for strategic business growth and market expansion. Our team partners with clients to ensure proper cybersecurity due diligence prior to a merger or acquisition, assessing the effectiveness of the acquired security program and equipping you with the knowledge necessary to make wise decisions regarding your investment. Through our cybersecurity due diligence services, your organization will receive a clear, unbiased understanding of the risks associated with your investment and how those risks could impact your security posture and the overall success of your new venture.

Advanced Penetration Testing

A cyber-attack can leave crippling impacts on an organization including regulatory fines, halted operations, compromised data, damaged reputation, and more. Hidden vulnerabilities within your network pose serious risk to your organization. Advanced penetration testing is the best way to identify the vulnerabilities hidden within your network that threaten the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your organization. By manually emulating the aggressive actions of true attackers, advanced penetration testing goes beyond compliance-accepted vulnerability scans - which strictly identify publicly-known vulnerabilities - to find, exploit, and leverage organization-specific vulnerabilities to gain access to your network and determine the impact of that access on your organization.

SOC Suite of Services

Organizations in today’s connected business ecosystem outsource critical business processes and engage with third-party vendors in their daily operations. Information security is a critical component in the decision-making process when selecting a business partner and throughout the vendor management process. System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports are now part of the “cost of admission” for business growth, as they communicate the effectiveness of your professional services organization’s controls or system to your clients, partners, executives, board members, and stakeholders.

IT Audit

HORNE Cyber takes a risk-based approach to each audit engagement, beginning with the end in mind. Our approach ensures a comprehensive assessment of the risks and potential barriers that can adversely affect your organization. An IT audit goes beyond a risk assessment to further evaluate the people element of cybersecurity by testing the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization’s control environment. By identifying risks and providing recommendations for improvement, best practices, and opportunities for growth, HORNE Cyber’s elite staff will help your organization strengthen its controls and better mitigate risk.