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Cybersecurity for the Public Sector

Better Security Means Better Service

In the public sector, you are tasked with the responsibility of serving the public to the best of your ability. Due to the work of your organization and others in the public sector, citizens have access to education, healthcare, libraries, parks, and more. Likewise, defense and law enforcement, the judicial system, and all levels of government are critical components of our society today. Because of their vital role, public sector organizations serve as a prime target for attackers. Recently, government entities have been aggressively targeted by ransomware (e.g. Atlanta and Baltimore). Elections and other high-profile events, such as the Olympics, have also served as targets of attacks in recent years, pressing government entities to keep cybersecurity top of mind. By investing in offense-oriented cybersecurity, your organization can protect itself from being crippled by a cyberattack. Taking preventive measures will mitigate the risk of an attack, protect your confidential information, and sustain operations so you can better serve our citizens and maintain their trust.

How HORNE Cyber Can Help

HORNE Cyber’s unique combination of expertise in both cybersecurity and cyber assurance, and experience in securing industrial control systems (ICS), election systems, and federal, state, and local government entities equips us to meet your security needs through a comprehensive approach. Through our advanced penetration testing, risk assessment, managed threat hunting, and compliance services, HORNE Cyber can help your organization:

  • Assess security posture and identify critical vulnerabilities
  • Strengthen security through remediation of identified vulnerabilities
  • Exceed audit and compliance requirements
  • Identify security alerts in real time
  • Improve visibility and effectiveness of controls

Advanced Penetration Testing

Advanced penetration testing is the best way to identify the hidden vulnerabilities that threaten the privacy of your citizens and the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your organization. By manually emulating the aggressive actions of true attackers (such as nation-state threats or organized crime), advanced penetration testing goes beyond compliance-accepted common vulnerability scans that identify publicly-known vulnerabilities to find, exploit, and leverage organization-specific vulnerabilities to gain access and determine the impact of that access on your public sector organization.

Managed Threat Hunting (Cybersecurity Operations Center)

HORNE Cyber’s cybersecurity operations center (CSOC) provides your public sector organization with 24x7x365 situational security awareness through round-the-clock network monitoring and threat intelligence. Managed Threat Hunting removes the burden of sifting through a magnitude of false positives allowing your IT team to focus their efforts on the daily operations of your organization. Identifying cyberattacks in real time helps your organization avoid additional penalties/fines by potentially limiting the impact of a breach.

Risk Assessment

By conducting a risk assessment, HORNE Cyber will determine potential areas of risk associated with your IT environment and provide recommendations for improvement. By assessing the organizational structure, staffing and governance, various control environments, application and infrastructure environment, and the IT contracts and software licensing agreements of your public sector organization, HORNE Cyber can identify gaps and areas of risk in need of improvement. Risk assessments are often mandatory for public sector organizations and serve as a good prerequisite to other offense-oriented security tactics, like an IT audit and advanced penetration testing.

IT Audit

HORNE Cyber takes a customized, tailored approach to each audit engagement, beginning with the end in mind. Our approach ensures a comprehensive assessment of the risks and potential barriers that can adversely affect your public sector organization in line with applicable frameworks. An IT audit goes beyond a risk assessment to further test the design and operating effectiveness of your organization’s control environments. By identifying risks and providing recommendations for improvement, best practices, and opportunities for growth, HORNE Cyber’s elite staff of CPAs will help your organization strengthen its controls and better mitigate risk.