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Cybersecurity in the City: HORNE, Willis Towers Watson host hacking demo, discussions, more in Cool Springs

FBI special agents and cybersecurity experts gathered this week at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs to discuss the threats facing Nashville businesses of all sizes. The event was co-hosted by HORNE Cyber and Willis Towers Watson and included a live hacking demo as well as discussions on cybersecurity response planning and ways to control the human element of cybersecurity. The day’s keynote address on common threats and proactive measures companies can take was delivered by FBI Special Agent Regis Billings. Read More.

Ghidra Explained: A Sophisticated Tool with Far-Reaching Implications

On March 5, the National Security Agency (NSA) officially released Ghidra, a software suite that the NSA hopes will help cybersecurity professionals “make the cybersecurity of our great nation BETTER.” While the release of this software is both significant and high-profile, the use of it is specialized, so there are far more people asking questions about it than those who have answers. Director of Cyber Operations, Dr. Wesley McGrew, explains Ghidra's functionality, purpose, and implications in this recent Cyber Defense Magazine Exclusive article. Read More.


RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition 2019

April 28 - May 1, 2019: Boston, MA – Join HORNE Cyber at the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition at the Boston Convention Center. Visit with the HORNE Cyber team at Booth 315. Read More.

2019 National Cyber Summit

June 4 - 6, 2019: Huntsville, AL - Join Director of Cyber Operations, Dr. Wesley McGrew, as he discusses his experience in cyber operations, specifically related to the challenges associated with conducting large-scale engagements for client organizations in manufacturing, finance, healthcare, critical infrastructure, and government. Read More.