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Ransomware Today: Healthcare's Greatest Risk

Data Privacy and Security Training and Updates

Louisiana Hospital Association Conference Center

Baton Rouge, LA

Thursday, December 5, 2019


Cybersecurity and patient privacy risks are not new to the healthcare industry. While the digital footprint of your patients and customers has increased, so has your exposure to cyber criminals and the difficulty with protecting patient privacy. Cybersecurity and data privacy risk management strategies have commonality but also have many unique considerations for providers to navigate. This data privacy and cybersecurity training event will provide ideas and solutions for compliance programs, and for what you can do to protect your patients’ data and systems from compromise. We will also walk participants through a breach response exercise and provide insights for responding to a security incident.

Director of Network Security, Brad Pierce, will speak on the state of ransomware in today's threat landscape, why healthcare is such a large target for attackers, and strategic ways your healthcare organization can prepare for the inevitable. 

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