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Leverage Digital Forensics to Strengthen Your Case

Cyber criminals and malicious insiders often leave behind digital evidence of their actions against organizations that can be recovered and investigated. HORNE Cyber's team of digital forensics experts have assisted and trained local, state and federal law enforcement on investigating computer crime. HORNE Cyber leverages this experience to research and recover digital evidence for clients. 

Litigation Support Services

Building on years of digital forensics experience, HORNE Cyber provides third party digital forensics reviews and full analysis services that can be used in both criminal and civil court matters. In legal proceedings, the HORNE Cyber team often provides expert witness testimony on digital forensics matters.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

HORNE Cyber’s team of digital forensic experts identify digital information from various sources, such as the dark web, about an individual or corporation, including possible data leakage or personal information.

Host Based Forensics

Using experience with a wide range of file systems and operating systems, HORNE Cyber conducts digital forensic analysis of data storage devices such as desktops, laptops, and servers.

Data Recovery

HORNE Cyber mitigates the risk of losing critical digital information while increasing your system’s IT security. In the case of a security breach or negative event, HORNE Cyber's digital forensics professionals assist in data recovery and investigation of material on digital devices. The HORNE Cyber team works with clients to restore and repair data and files that were compromised in the breach.

Mobile Device Forensics

With years of experience uncovering data on multiple types of digital devices, HORNE Cyber’s team performs digital forensic analysis of a wide range of mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and GPS devices.

Network Forensics

In the event of a breach or incident, HORNE Cyber provides digital forensic analysis of network traffic and logs to determine events that occurred on network connected devices to enable threat mitigation and recovery.