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Bend — Don’t Break — When a Cyber Breach Occurs

Cyber criminals and malicious insiders often leave behind digital evidence of their actions against organizations that can be recovered and investigated. HORNE Cyber’s team of digital forensics and incident response experts have assisted and trained local, state and federal law enforcement on investigating computer crime. Additionally, HORNE Cyber’s team is nationally recognized for extensive experience in reverse engineering and advanced penetration testing. HORNE Cyber leverages this experience to research and recover digital evidence for clients. 


Our experience spans across multiple industries including:

- Banking

- Healthcare

- Telecommunications

- Manufacturing

- Law firms

- Municipalities


Our incident response and digital forensics experience and capabilities include:

- Identifying malicious executables

- Reverse engineering executable to identify full functionality

- Experience with and in-depth understanding of various file systems 

- Identifying source of malicious or unusual activity

- Analyzing registry and system event logs

- Ransomware remediation

Incident Response Engagement Deliverables

At the end of our investigation, we provide you a detailed report notifying you of the full scope of the incident, including:

- Affected applications, networks, systems, and user accounts

- Malicious software and exploited vulnerabilities

- Stolen information

All critical information will be detailed and documented in two actionable reports:

Executive summary: Summarizes investigative process, major findings and containment/eradication activities.

Technical report: Provides details of how the attack occurred with a list of affected computers, locations, user accounts and information. We will also make recommendations on containment and remediation. 

Being prepared and having a plan to handle digital ransom scenarios is becoming more and more important in this ever evolving digital age.