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Investing in People is Investing in Cybersecurity

To implement and maintain a successful security program, it takes dedicated leadership with the knowledge and expertise, and resources necessary to keep up with changes in the threat landscape and relevant defense tactics. For many organizations, hiring a full-time cybersecurity professional to spearhead a security program is not feasible. However, moving forward without a dedicated security partner can lead to ineffective investments and unidentified risks within your organization.

A Security Partner You Can Trust

Our Virtual CISO (vCISO) service not only alleviates the weight of feeling unprepared for a cyberattack, but also alleviates the financial burden of employing a full-time security professional by providing unlimited access to cybersecurity expertise. Our vCISO service is designed to provide your organization with strategic guidance and advisory on the security matters important to you. We know that strong cybersecurity is best in layers, requiring verification of effectiveness. For this reason, our vCISO service gives your organization access to our entire team of cybersecurity and cyber assurance professionals, not just one team member. Similar to a round-table, this allows your organization to speak directly to a team member whose expertise meets your current, specific needs.  

Through vCISO, our team will partner with your organization’s leadership to answer critical questions and provide strategic guidance and advisory on your ongoing or planned security efforts. Whether it is developing and implementing a basic security strategy, investing in security solutions, or remediating vulnerabilities identified during penetration testing, our industry-leading team will work alongside you to ensure your organization’s strategic goals are met and your security is strengthened through industry experience and expertise.

About the vCISO Team

Our vCISO team is made up of industry-leading professionals in both the cybersecurity and cyber assurance spaces. Our team’s unique composition marries financial and information technology expertise with an offense-oriented approach to cybersecurity. HORNE Cyber team members have years of experience in studying the attacks and techniques of real-world advanced persistent threats, including cyber operations groups in nation-state intelligence agencies and organized crime. Additionally, HORNE Cyber’s leadership has years of experience in collaborating with executive leadership teams to strengthen organizational security posture. With a rich history in uncovering and remediating organization-specific vulnerabilities, and developing and implementing wining security programs, our vCISO team is prepared to elevate your organization’s security to be resilient against leading threats.  

Interested in strengthening your security with vCISO? Contact us for more information.

Investing in people is investing in cybersecurity.